About ūüďĚ

I started my career in 2006,¬†without formal education, around¬†a¬†curiousness and interest in consumer products and how they work, with a¬†good eye for aesthetics. I joined¬†MRM Starsky in Stockholm as a Digital Designer as my first job,¬†to later join one of the premier digital agencies ‚Äď Ottoboni ‚Äď for 2 years. Working with numerous clients and projects at Ottoboni gave me my first experience with mobile products¬†and iOS, which made me join Badoo in London in 2012. Since then I've been a part of three different startups in San Francisco, learning everything I can about how a great digital presence and user experience can affect and contribute to overall company success.

The Product Designer role has evolved and developed a lot in recent years. These days it¬†involves UX Design, visual & Interaction design, Ideation, Strategy, and how to balance and align all these with overall business goals ‚Ästthat's a challenge that motivates and drives me.¬†

I currently accept work, so please get in touch if you think we should work together, or if you simply want to connect.