Designing a personlized training experience for mobile devices, with NFL legend and soon hall-of-famer Tony Gonzalez as your coach.  ·  ·  iTunes  ·  Google Play

YEAR          2013-2014
ROLE          Lead Design, UI/UX, IA

I got introduced to FitStar early 2013 and immediately got excited about their mission to introduce personalized training sessions for mobile devices. The team was attempting to do something in a space that was still fairly new, so I moved from London, UK to San Francisco and joined a hungry team of 5. 

FitStar was only a prototype when I joined, so I soon go to set the tone and design both iPad and iPhone apps from scratch. After launch, 'FitStar - Personal Trainer' became best new app and Editors Choice in the App Store, and has since day one been a top rated application on all app markets. FitStar got acquired by FitBit early 2015. 

"Amongst a sea of uninspired fitness apps, FitStar offers an easy, fun way to work on your personal health and strength"


"FitStar is a rock star of the on demand exercise world"


"FitStar (Personal Trainer) is the gold standard when is comes to personal training apps"


"The clean interface makes it easy-to-use – all you need to do is be willing to give the routines a go"


"An awesome workout app for iOS that simulates having a personal trainer in your living room."


"My favorite of the pack, FitStar is a beautiful video-based fitness app for the iPhone and iPad designed by NFL pro Tony Gonzalez. "



Personalized training

You start by choosing between 4 FitStar programs of different difficulty, session length, and volume. Depending how you progress, your next workouts will be harder where you've improved. Between regular program sessions you can choose between over 40 "Freestyle" sessions (freestanding from your regular routine) if you feel like doing something different.


Feedback-driven progress

After your daily session is done, you rate the difficulty and how well you did. This is how your progress in FitStar is defined.

iPad first?

After the success of the iPad version, iPhone was next up. We released FitStar for iPhone in late 2013, and it became an instant success. Similar to the the iPad design, we wanted to keep the social aspect of FitStar an key component, and after seeing your upcoming session taking up the top half of your home screen -- a social feed consisting of you and your friends' achievement and progress was prioritized secondly. 

Works everywhere

Whether you prefer iOS, Android, a web browser, or even Apple watch -- the choice is yours. FitStar was designed to work on all devices, whenever you want. 

Award winning design

Since releasing FitStar - Personal Trainer for iPad back in 2013, FitStar has earned numerous awards and positive reviews from both media and users. It became 'Best of 2013', 'Best of 2014' in the App Store, and has been 5-star rated and an 'Editors Choice' for its first three years.


Badges equals progress

Badges are a sign that you're doing good. I designed numerous badges for finishing sessions, programs, freestyle workouts, number of pushups, minutes of working out, etc. This was to motivate users to stay track (or brag on Facebook), but also as a reminder of much you've actually accomplished on your FitStar path.