Other projects

A look into older projects I've been a part of, dating almost a decade back. 


YEAR          2008-2012
ROLE          Creative Direction, UI/UX, IA

I created a website around 2010 called Globified for travellers who wanted to share trips with friends and family. Almost like a Facebook for travel. It started two years earlier when me and my brother went out for a 90 day trip to Central America, and created a travel blog with a with a custom Google map to follow our route, and connected with Flickr to see our daily lives. We both really liked the way it turned out, and after having friends asking us to create a similar solution for them, we instead decided to create Globfied -- a solution for everyone. 

Years ago, when I was living in Sweden and doing freelance work, I regularly checked and followed Authentic Jobs (and it's founder Cameron Moll, who I've long admired). I wished there was a Swedish version, but all Swedish tech jobs board were too complicated, too corporate, and mostly didn't list a lot of intersting jobs. I made on Webbnisse ("web guy" in Swedish) together with my brother to create a simple, straight-forward job board for tech positions in startups around Sweden.


I ran a company for a few years called Volcano (together with my brother), under which we worked with several different freelance web and app projects . 

This events app was a company side project I created together with another designer from Badoo. In 2012 there weren't as many events app as there are today (especially in the UK where I was living), but this app unfortunately never became anything else than a fun couple of weeks at work. 


One of the projects I was working with under the Volcano brand was a website for an app called Cocktail -- a general purpose utility for OS X that lets you clean, repair and optimize your Mac. Product pages were a lot less mature and developed in 2011, so one of the main goals was to have an easy and straightforward way for people to find and download the app.

Visit Cocktail


I designed a service we called Journeygram to help organize your Instagram photos. I've dabbled in the travel startup scene before, and this was made after posting a lot of travel photos to instagram, but never had anything else other than hashtags to be able to sort and organize them properly.