Helping online shoppers with an easy, visual way to list and organize things they desire, and ultimately purchase. 

wishy.com  (on hold)

YEAR          2016
ROLE          Creative Direction, Product, UI/UX

I made Wishy together with my brother late 2016. With endless online stores (and as shameless materialists), managing the list of things to purchase got out of control. We wanted things for ourselves, things for our apartments, things to give our loved ones, etc. We wanted something like Amazon wishlists, but without having to be restricted to Amazon itself. We wanted something like Pinterest boards, but with more focus on price and source.


I wanted Wishy to be a place to get inspiration from. That meant showing inspiring and desirable products from the start. Logging in – you get access to your first, empty list. As an MVP, you have to add your desired products manually, but a browser plugin and a bookmarklet is in the works. 

The brand 

As much as Wishy is for personal desires, it's also for keeping track of things you for your loved ones. The Eurasian jay bird is known for gathering gifts to their loved ones, and that was an analogy I liked for the Wishy brand.